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About us

We believe we are unlike other funeral directors in Oxfordshire. There is never any pressure to have anything from us at any time and we always remember, you are our client and we are here to carry out your instructions.

The Individual Funeral Company has become known for being able to arrange the most highly bespoke funerals where other funeral directors would deem it impossible.

We have arranged funeral services in the Ashmolean Museum, taken someone to their funeral service by boat along the Thames, have arranged funeral services in numerous Oxford Colleges, have arranged to bury people on their own land and have even arranged for someone to have a final “last blast” around Donnington Race Circuit.

Giving someone an individual funeral also doesn’t mean it has to be elaborate. There are small, personal touches that are just as beautiful. Arranging a wreath made of vegetables that they grew on their allotment or decorating someone’s coffin. It could be travelling to the crematorium with us in the hearse is something you would like to do. Whatever type of funeral you would like us to arrange, we are always on hand to suggest personal touches.

Transparency is really important to us and so is putting you firmly in control of all arrangements. Our prices are on our website and if you are calling a number of different companies for a quotation, we can email you one straight away.

The Individual Funeral Company and Lucy Coulbert have won many awards over the years. Both the company and Lucy personally are considered amongst the very best in the country. We are uniquely us which means no formal suits until the day of the funeral. We are just normal people with extraordinary knowledge of all aspects of funeral services making everything as easy as we can for our clients which includes our clients being able to reach us any time of the day or night.

Transparency is really important to us too. Our prices are on our website and if you are calling a number of different companies for a quotation, we can email you one straight away.

Lucy Coulbert – Funeral Director and Owner

Lucy Coulbert trained as a funeral director with a national chain of undertakers 16 years ago. While she was there, she discovered a motorcycle hearse company and began her apprenticeship with them while still working as a funeral director.
Every Wednesday she would jump on her trusty motorcycle and ride from Oxford to Leicester to train under the late Rev Paul Sinclair. After a few months, Paul offered her a job and Lucy became the first full time female motorcycle hearse rider in the world.

Working as a carriage master she was with a new funeral director every day and without realising it, she got a brilliant insight on how different companies worked, how different they all are and how some funeral directors were still pretty traditional and how a few were really amazing and progressive.

After spending four years working for Paul and being taught everything he knew about running a company, growing a company and on the job media training, Lucy decided to pool her knowledge in one place and open her own funeral directors focusing on stripping back the stuffy Victorian image of funeral directors and putting honesty and clients at the core of everything which is how The Individual Funeral Company was born.

There was a consultation by the government surrounding funeral poverty and as a result of her responses, she was the only funeral director invited to give evidence to the Department of Work and Pensions Parliamentary Select Committee.
Because of her unflinching honesty, her comments to MP’s were picked up on by every national newspaper and were used as headlines a few days later. She has been interviewed by most TV news stations, appeared in all national newspapers over the years and has been interviewed on the radio countless times.
She is now known as a “go to” expert on all aspects of funerals and she is contacted regularly by the media for comment.

When she isn’t working (which even she admits is most of the time!) she can usually be found with her head stuck in a book or riding any one of her adored motorcycles but only once her partner has insisted their beloved dogs have been taken for a walk.

Gemma Walters – Assistant Funeral Director

Gemma Walters joined The Individual Funeral Company just over three years ago now initially as the office manager and has since been promoted to Assistant Funeral Director.

She joins us not from a funeral background but from being a 999 call handler for South Oxfordshire Ambulance Service. She was hired because of her calm manner on the phone but the most important quality Lucy noticed at her interview was her uncompromising kindness.

Gemma is a crochet fiend which we have taken total advantage of for our window displays on numerous occasions. As a mother to two children, she admits that free time is pretty rare but her guilty pleasure is sitting down after the children have gone to bed to watch the darts on TV.

Joplin & Bunny – Spoilt Office Dogs

Joplin (French Bulldog) and Bunny (English Bulldog) are Lucy’s beloved dogs. Having never owned dogs before, Lucy & her partner decided to embark (deliberate pun!) on a year of research to decide which breed would suit them and their lifestyles. After whittling it down, they discovered French Bulldogs.

Joplin joined them at 8 weeks old and after a week settling into her new home, she joined Lucy at work where her bed is beside Lucy’s desk.

Lucy decided that Joplin needed her own pet after two years and just happened read about puppy smuggling in a national newspaper. Usually if they were discovered at boarder control, the puppies would be seized and put down. The Dogs Trust decided that they would start putting dogs through quarantine and rehome them instead.

She was checking The Dog’s Trust website daily for news of when they would be rehomed and then one day, she saw the details for a “bulldog type” puppy in Essex ready to be rehomed. So Lucy made an appointment and along with her partner and Joplin, set off for Essex to see if they were the right people to rehome a puppy.

Two bulldogs were bought out to meet Lucy. One completely ignored her and the other one was jumping all over her and was desperate to be cuddled. That was Bunny!

So two crates are now at the side of Lucy’s desk and the girls enjoy spending their days snoozing away while we help clients. These are important members of the team though. A lot of our clients find ways to come and see us, well I say us, they just want to make a fuss of the girls and they seriously like the attention!

Joplin has been pretty ill for the last year and perking up again nicely so since March 2020 and with Lucy’s partner working from home, the girls have also decided to work and recuperate at home too. While we are slightly concerned they have moved from office dogs to home dogs far too easily, we hope they will be fixtures in the office again soon.

When not working, Joplin is happiest spending the day on her favourite beach in South Devon and Bunny loves skateboarding or sledging.

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 01865 714130

“Don’t be distracted by flashy adverts from household names – take my recommendation. We struck gold when we dialled Lucy’s number.”

David Morgan