The Individual Funeral Company is known for being experts at arranging eco-friendly funerals which predominantly take place as natural burial services. 
We championed natural burial funerals for the last decade and we have found the very best suppliers who can provide us with sustainable and ethical products to ensure the funeral services we offer are the most ecologically friendly.
Close to Oxford, there are two beautiful natural burial grounds. One is looked over by the Uffington White Horse called Westmill Natural Burial Ground. The other which has a beautiful woodland and with the most stunning views over the Cotswolds called Fairspear Natural Burial Ground.
We have always come highly recommended by both Fairspear and Westmill because we really understand the nature of these types of funeral service. Often a lot less formal than a more traditional funeral, we have found that natural burial services are a much more collaborative experience. 
The Individual Funeral Company can take over all aspects of arranging an eco-friendly funeral or we can be here to provide the minimum. We have arranged services that required a marquee and catering at the burial ground and equally, we were only needed to take a person on their final journey and when we arrived, our clients took over everything from there.
It is also possible to arrange natural burial services in a comparatively quick time frame too. It is very often our clients come to us over a weekend and want a service to take place on Friday leaving us four working days to make all of the arrangements. 
 We always encourage our clients to take their time and do what feels right for them so if you need more time to make arrangements, please do take it. Most funeral services are able to be arranged and put in place in 7-14 days. It really shouldn’t take longer than this unless it is your choice. 
We have found that the cost of a natural burial service is generally less than a more traditional type burial service too so being eco-friendly doesn’t mean added expense.
 It is important to us to always be transparent with cost so we will always provide a quotation based on your requirements completely free of charge.