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We pride ourselves in being able to offer unique and bespoke services. What we have become known for in Oxfordshire are funeral services that other funeral directors either wouldn’t attempt or would really struggle to arrange. It is these types of services we absolutely love working with our clients to achieve exactly the type of funeral they want.

For example, we are the only funeral director in history who has arranged a funeral service in the Ashmolean Museum. As far as we know, we are the only funeral director in modern times who has transported someone to his funeral by boat down the Thames through Oxford. We have arranged countless funeral services where the person arrived in a motorcycle hearse and we have helped our clients have a service in their back gardens and have facilitated burying people on their own land.

Should you want a non-religious service, we work with some wonderful people who will meet with you and write a service completely from scratch as well as being able to undertake a full Catholic Mass, Greek Orthodox or Church of England church services.

When you think something is impossible, we are very much the people to call.

Simple Services

from £3,479 fully inclusive

Not everyone wants or needs something really bespoke and this is where our more simple services may suit. These are predefined and for a set cost. They do offer little flexibility and this is simply down to time. It takes less time for us to arrange a more simple service which is why the cost is less and therefore relies on our clients to provide their own orders of service and order their own flowers for example.

Simple services can be extremely beautiful and personal and we can make recommendations on how to make it so.

Regardless of if you are having a bespoke or simple service, you always get to chose the day and time you would like a funeral to take place.

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Eco/Natural Burial Service

from £3,100 fully inclusive

As a company, not only do we come highly recommended by our closest natural burial grounds and beyond, but we are also very much considered the experts in eco friendly natural burial services within Oxfordshire.
We work with some amazing companies so we are able to provide the very best ecologically friendly coffins along with other products and services you may require.
Natural burial services also have a different feel about them too. They are often less formal where people dress for the weather but these services tend to have a lot of family involvement so the whole service is a real collaborative experience.
You can still have someone take the service – whether that be a religious or non-religious service. You can still have flowers, orders of service or anything else you may require.
As the absolute experts in this area, we can give you lots of different options on any aspect of this type of service and we are equally happy to take a step back and provide the most simple service while our clients take full control of additional elements.
Natural burial services can be the quickest services we arrange. It is very common for clients to contact us on a Monday and for the funeral service to take place four days later on a Friday.
Whatever your requirements, we are sure we will be able to help.

Direct Cremation Service

from £1695 fully inclusive

The Individual Funeral Company have been champions of direct cremation services since its inception a few years ago. This is a service where family and friends don’t attend the crematorium at all and the funeral directors take the person to be cremated early in the morning. This suits a lot of people and particularly if families are international and can’t come back to Oxford to attend the service.

The persons ashes can then be taken for a memorial service, scattered in a place that is important or simply scattered at the crematorium.

With direct cremation services, we promise that the person is still treated with the same dignity and respect as our other clients. We arrange their cremation within 7 days of our paperwork being completed. We will collect their ashes from the crematorium and keep them with us free of charge for up to 31 days. The coffin we use will always be perfect and new. We only use Oxford Crematorium for direct cremation services and we never, ever subcontract a third party to carry out these services.

Doing it yourself

from £250 per hour or priced per service

There is no legal obligation to use a funeral director and you are perfectly within your rights to arrange the whole funeral service yourself. There may be some things you would like help with, in which case, get in touch with us. We have helped many clients with things they didn’t feel they could do or didn’t want to do. Most of the time this is the more practical side of funeral directing like collecting someone from the mortuary and keeping them in our care until the funeral. It could be dressing someone and placing them in their coffin. It could be just being on hand to ask questions throughout the process and knowing we are there as a back up plan.

Regardless of what you need us for, we will never talk anyone into using our full services.