A memorial service is an opportunity for friends and family to pay their respects after the loss of a person. Distinct from a funeral service, a memorial service is a ceremony for mourners to honour a person but no burial or cremation is involved.

We arrange a large number of memorial services every year. From helping arrange that to take place in someone’s garden, a memorial service on a boat to scatter a person’s ashes at sea to Church services or services in an Oxford College or Ashmolean Museum.

You can arrange memorial services without the need for a funeral director. Some of our clients want help with small aspects of a memorial service and others want us to do everything.

Memorial services can be beautiful, helpful and healing. For gathering together to acknowledge the death of the person who binds you and mourn your loss. It gives you the time and space to express your love, respect and grief.

It is still possible to have someone formal take a service or you could take it yourselves. We work with ministers of all faiths along with non-religious celebrants that can work with you if you wish and help but a meaningful ceremony together for you.

Below are some examples of rough costs but once we have met with a client, we always give a full estimate and time for you to think things through before deciding if you need our help.

Option 1

from £350 – Access to our “little black book”

You are arranging the venue

You are arranging the day and time

You want us to recommend suppliers of catering, florists, printers or any other service you may require. You will pay the suppliers direct.

Option 2

from £750 – Full arrangement of a simple Memorial Service

We will arrange and book the venue at the day and time you specify

We will pay all suppliers

No funeral director is required to attend on the day of the service

Option 3

from £1400 – Full arrangement of a Memorial Service

We will arrange and book the venue at the day and time you specify

We will book and pay all suppliers

Our funeral director will be with you at the service and will be on hand to gently guide you through the day

There are so many different options in between so when we discuss everything you would like to happen, we can be far more specific about costs then.

As we said before, you can arrange a memorial service yourselves and it doesn’t have to be so formal. People have had a picnic in a favourite spot with friends and family. Others have arranged for walks on a favourite beach. Memorial Services really are a place for everyone who loved a person to be together, share stories and just share the grief you are all feeling.